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Welcome to my Book of the Dead 2004. Here lay their comments. You are more than welcome to Add to the new tome and share your words!

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Epitaphs — Book Of The Dead — 2004

Hey, gorgeous, not sure you still remember me. We chatted for a while on Yahoo. Just want to say that your site is looking great. And, of course, you are looking even HOTTER. Hope everything is oK with you. Huge kiss.

Rick <>
Houston, tX USA -

Hey Theresa, It is studentluva from AFF.

This has to Be the Best Website I Have Ever Viewed By An Individual. Kudos, You are wonderful at your profession. (beautiful and talented)

My email address is above if you wanna talk.

Since the person before me left you with poe I will do the same

"and then there stole into my fancy like a sweet musical note...what rest there is in the grave"


MatTheW AKA studentluva

Matt <> college station, tx USA -

I really Enjoyed Chating With You And leave you with a little poe.....................And Pride, What Have I now with thee? Another brow may even inherit The venom thou hast poured on me.

Be still,My spirit.

Logan Hunter <> New Orleans, La USA -

being on your page took me to somewhere i have never been before. i am much interested on your music and arts. much is needed to be said but i lack the mind to put it all on words...

2lio <> cebu, Philippines -

Theresa ~ What a wonderful experience. and Great music too!. I shall keep you in mind if someone needs first class web works.

I shall also keep you in my dreams. And awakening will long for your touch. Please do not deny us both the pleasure of being together, and tell me this life does not have to be lived as seeing through a glass darkly.

Hugh <> Houston, TX USA -

theresa, has breezed into my visionary pleasure like a brand new star aquainting itself to the sensual glow of which i can partake to view upon with mine own eyes, i await your signal of beauty and light

cliff <> london, uk -

I liked those articals where You blast those dip wads Countess. keep on rollin'
Your Friend forever Dana *hugs*

Dana Leigh MacRoberts <> eastanollee, ga USA -

Hey Theresa. Yes it me again. lol I came back to see the rest as time was not in abundance for me last vist. I took a look at your credentials, which are by the way, very Impressive. It seems you are welcoming suggestions to help your site become better. I thought about that for a while. I think you pretty much covered everything so far. I have no suggestions to make. You have really done a good job here. I'll be in contact.

ThreeHawkFeathers <> Fresno, CA USA -

Hello my dear. I must say this is a very well done website. This would impress even the most talented. Perhaps I will return now and again. I am curious to see what you do next.

New_Master_In_Town <> Detroit, Mi USA -

Hey pretty girl. Wazzup? lol I just came back to say I missed seeing you latel. Well...I also came to look at your site again too. I just can't get enough of this site baby girl. Imma look around a bit. I want to see what you are Cya soon.

Puppy <> houston, tx USA -

lol, Hi sweetheart. :) I like the site....very nicely done. I'll stop in from time to time and see what else you come up with. See you soon. :)

Mr_Crowd_Control <> Darkside, ca USA -

Hi beautiful...I had to stop know I I must say you are doing a really good job dear. I am really very impressed. I'll be back from time to time to see how you progress here. I'm very proud of you. :)

ThreeHawkFeathers <> Fresno, CA USA -

not bad, Theresa. I must say that I am somewhat impressed with what you've done here. very, very nice work. In fact its one of the better sites I've seen to date. Thought i'd stop in and give you a well deserved pat on the behind....good job.

Puppy <see above> houston, tx USA -

you are very beautiful and you site is very interesting just got here so have to look through it some more

Derek <> somewhere, MT USA -

first time visitor to you site and i must say that not only are you quite attractive but your site is fascinating

bob <> trenton, NJ USA -

Been here and escaped alive, and you thought I wouldn't.....

I'm a breath of cold winter air, stirring up the pure white lace of the landscape in my wake.....

I leave no path, no mark, just a soft imprint upon your heart.....

Dianne stoltz <> Salt Lake City, UT USA -

Just stopping in to say 'howdy'

nivasi <> Kittanning, PA USA -

just wanted to say hello

nicole <> waterloo, il USA -

Dark Goddess is an awesome dream.

Anielle Cherte <> Austin, TX USA -

Not only is she sexy, but talented as well. Great website!


MB_Master <> Canada -

So, I am the first? I assure you that I am also the second as i did this initially as well.

Jack <> Galveston, TX USA