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Here are the dead postings of 2003, may they, and the year, rot in hell and good riddance.

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News — 2003


December 12th:

Been a while since I updated and really had to planned to till I had the new version finished, but I have to say something and if I ramble, please bear with me.

Last night, the only man I have ever loved died. I have loved him since I met him in second grade and have loved him all through out our lives. He loved me as well but only as a friend. No more than that, like a brother, at first, and then as a sister. That was until circumstances happened that tore through hearts and laid bare emotions.

I will not go into details of all the ways our relationship manifested, not about the only time he and I has a chasm between us. To My breaking heart it was there when he left this world, last night, and i know he left thinking that I wished nothing to do with him. A false assumption but one that now rips at me. I thought we had time and that with time we would both heal and be able to bridge that gulf. I was so wrong.

I know everyone has heard this before but it bears repeating, do not wait to tell someone you love them. Don't let an argument or event stay between you and one you love. I have had this lesson driven through my heart now and I shall forever bear the pain of it. Spare yourself that pain, whish is so unnecessary and once experienced can never be taken back. You may find, as I have, there is no tomorrow, there is only now.

Morte E Amore
( Death of Love).


November 1st:

Well another Halloween come and gone. I hope everyone's was safe and fun. Mine? Well let us just say it was pathetic and leave it there. Have not been able to keep up with updates and seeing how my life is on the boring side of the wheel right now, I did not think it worth bitching about.

I will be doing some updates soon and I am thinking about a total revamp of the site. (No pun intended). Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome along with any donations of massive amounts of cash. Sugar Daddies may evoke me.


October 3rd:

Finally updating this news board. Well The Dark Goddess is employed now. The money is not near what I used to make but the people I work with are really great and all I have to say is "Thank you so much, Sara, for giving me a job when no one else would. Always will you have my love and gratitude.

I am still available for free-lance work in graphics and web design should any one reading this like what they see. Presently I am working on Angel's of Addiction's web site. I will have it up as soon as they get me the freaken content! (hint, hint Deacon!)

Have not been able to go out much as the money has been tight and don't even ask about my love life, as it is none existent. (Still looking for that rich beautiful man that will take me away from all of this. [evil grin])

Anyway the forum has not had any activity so feel free to join up and post. If you have any problems, evoke me and let me know, so that I can correct them, with a good beating!


September 2nd:

Well the "A Dark Gathering" forum and the "Evoke the Darkness" are now Both working, Yeah Me!!

September 1st:

Well hell, still cannot get the cgi to work, so the forum is down and the email form is not working. I am about to start "tuna slapping" some things if I cannot get this up! Damn, never thought I would hear me say I cannot get something"up". Now I am really depressed. There is an email link on the "Evoke the Darkness" page so you can still send me a note.

Well it is labor day and everyone is off of work and celebrating, bah humbug! No fun having a day off when you do not have a job to be "off" from. Oh shit, she whining about being unemployed again, RUN!

Been thinking about added a section of mine, and others, original art work, any thoughts about that? If so, let me know.

Other than this not much else to say, so have fun everybody and be safe.


August 23rd:

Type-O Negative: Life Is Killing Me

Well still trying to get the cgi to work for the forum and the "Evoke the Darkness" mail form. What a freaken headache!

Hey Wednesday, September 3rd, Type-O Negative is playing at Numbers. I have got to find a way to get me some money to go! Tickets are $17.50 advance and $20.00 day of show. Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm.

Other than that, not much else. Still looking for freaken work. If you have need of a Web designer, graphics artist, marketing director, or a manager, take a look at "Dark Goddess Productions". I need a paycheck! Come on, someone throw me a freaken bone here!

August 16th:

Damn!!! Finally back up and on line!
After being down for about a month due to technical difficulties (server blew chunks) my site is back up! I apologize to all that have been wondering about me as my email also resided on the same server. Over the next week I will be backing additions to the site so I ask that you check back and check them out. ALso I will be working on back end coding so DO NOT use the evocation page yet. It should be usable in a day or so and I will post after it has been successfully tested.

Again I thank everyone that expressed concern, with my site being down, for me. You guys are so sweet.


July 6th:

Added a new poem and graphic to the "Musings from the Left Side" section of the site. It is called "Aftermath" so take a look and tell me what you think.

July 5th:

Well not a lot happening right now. Spent the fourth at home, alone. (Bitch being single.) DId not feel like celebrating because (oh shit here comes the rant, duck quick) I as everyone is partying over 'Independence Day" I see our rights slowly being eroded and given away all for the bullshit excuse of security and because a bunch of right-wing , x-tian assholes, are trying to make everyone conform to their beliefs and life-style. Damn this country needs an enema to get rid of the constipation that is now our government and bring in some real "statesmen". People that will actually work for the causes of liberty and justice for all, not just those that conform to a perverted x-tain idea.

Don't get me wrong and start flaming me, I love this country and I support the constitution but I see it being undermined for special interest and greed, from both sides. That is why I am working on world domination. If you would like to know more about my nefarious schemes, then go the "Dark Gathering" area and find the post to sign up to join my "Army of Darkness". When I have enough fodder... er... people, I will revel to those my plan and we shall start to work in earnest to have the world worship me! Oh and yes, fix all of the problems, blah, blah, blah.


June 28th:

Type-O Negative: Life Is Killing Me

Type O-Negative has just released a new CD! "Life is Killing Me" fifth full-length record, and its first batch of new material since 1999's "World Coming Down". I have been listening to their CD party on MusicMatch and it is great! If you have MusicMatch, you can click any of these links and listen to the cd while they are throwing the CD party. But hurry, it won't last long. You can also buy yourself a copy of the cd there. If my finances allowed I would already have mine.

June 25th:

All I can say is, CRADLE of FILTH ROCKED!!
They took it all the way to the gates of hell and then kicked them wide open! They were Dark Gods last night and I was freaken there! You can read my full review of the night and all the bands in the message forum, "A Dark Gathering", under "Dark Discussions". I am still recovering from the experience.

Dani & I! I wish!


ONE MORE DAY! Tomorrow is the night that I go see Cradle of Filth and then kidnap Dani and make him MINE! They are playing at the Engine Room, (1515 Pease) along with Killswitch Engage, Cephalic Carnage, Crimson Massacre. Tickets are $22.00, at the door, and they have 7:00 pm listed for the start time.

Oh how the dead shall rise and the carnage shall begin, for The Dark Goddess is going going hunting that night!

I am a A Dragon of Decay!

Hey, I took the online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Dragon of Decay on the inside. Here is the description of my "inner dragon"

In the war between good and evil, your inner Dragon self is rotten with the stench of EVIL....
(That is not evil that is smelling, it is the bodies of all my lovers.)
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon is a risk taker and answers to no one....
As far as magical tendancies, a Dragon of Decay's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic....
(I take extreme exception to that last part. I am the quintessential necromancer and enchantress. Guess I will now have to now burn down their web site. [evil grin])
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....

But other than the one item I noted, I think it was pretty close

June 19th:

Added a new poem "Dialogue 01" a unique poem composed in "real time" between Jahn and I. My number One. But then if you were a member of the Dark Gatherings forum and had signed up to be one of my minions you would have known that. See what your missing out on.

June 10th:

Ran across a little place that is going to change every thing for me,! Now The Dark Goddess has an place to outfit all her minions and supply them. The selection is really great weather you are looking for a lair, nefarious traps and torture devises, or need doomsday ordinances, you will find then all here and at bargain basement prices to boot! I am especially interested in the "THE ULTIMATE FORMULA 'X'" and, no, it has nothing to do with irritating Power Puff bitches. Only thing I don't see is sharks with freaken lazar attached to their heads. C'mon people, throw me a freaken bone here!

June 9th:

Just added another section call "Dark Goddess Productions". What is it for you ask? It so that I might get a freaken job! Just a short about me and my qualifications. So if you have need of a web mistress, a graphic artist, marketer, manager, of even a bartender, check it out and contact me. Oh and there is a wicked pic of me dancing at the club on that page also.

June 8th:

Ok, it has now been 24 hours of Cold's song "Stupid Girl" and I am still going strong. Hey you have your torture, and I have mine.

I have twenty members of the Dark Gathering Forum and only three ever post. What's with that shit? I mean it's not like I give a prize for joining or anything. So why join if you are not going to post? Are people's lives so empty? If so donate to "Pay for Theresa's Surgeries"! Just contact me and I will tell you where to send the money.

Course I am one to talk, I am so bored that boring would be exciting for me. How about you?

June 5th:

UPDATE: Just added two more of my poems, along with graphics, in my "Musings From The Left Side" so check them out and tell me what you think.

Hey all you Children of the Night! Even though Spy has closed now, there is another place that is taking up the slack every Wednesday night now. With the same great DJs and even some of the people that worked at spy.

The Lotus Lounge at 512 Main.

Here is the link to their web site. I was there last night and even though the upstairs was closed, it will be open next week, the place was packed and all the old regulars were there, along with a lot of new faces. Drinks are still just a dollar for wells all night long. So if you are in need of a fix now that SPY is gone, come on down to the Lotus Lounge.

My Dark God: Dani Filth!

June 2nd:

Well It's a new month, whoop-the-f_ _k-dee-do. I know I am being bitchy, but hey my site, my rant. Work sucks, being out of work sucks more. BUt do not worry dark childs, I have not been totally unbusy.

Yep, I have created a new award in the "Accolades" section. Yeah now it is your turn to go "whoop-the-f_ _k-dee-do". Yes, it is The Dark Goddess's time of the month.

My only solice is


Yep, they are playing here at the Engine Room, tickets through ticket masters. Oh my dark gods I am going to get to see Dani in person!!

Isn't he just "drop dead gorgeous"! This Dark Goddess is got her ticket and is going to do everything in her power to kidnap Dani and drag him back to my crypt! Then consummate, in un-natural acts, an unholy union that will shake the very foundations of Heaven and Hell.

Dani, you are so going to be mine! [evil grin]

Thou Hast Rocked Award for my site from Belos

May 31st:

Seems ~Belos, over at, has seen the updated format and new stuff and decided to give me another award. Damn he's good looking and has taste to boot.

Other news, well it has happened. The Dark Goddess has had to go into "boy mode" in an attempt to find a job. Seems the world still has a long way to go before a transsexual can get a job. Not that I am now any more confident that I will get one. Seems I am no longer good at "boy mode" in that I kept getting mammed and missed and having female pronouns used at the places I went to apply at.

If it wasn't for the fact that I need money so bad, it would be hilarious! This world needs an enema!

Maybe I should start one of those internet begging campaigns. You know where they say "send me a dollar so I can [insert whatever reason here]" and then followed by some sob story. Yeah, that's it! Send me money for my operations and when done, everyone will receive a naked picture of me! LOL!

Anyway, everyone have a great weekend and I will see you next month.

May 25th:

Made some changes to the navigation in the writings. Optimized the code and brought it more in line with a consistent motif. Yes, I have no life at this time. Still seeking work so if anyone likes what they see and needs a web designer, let me know.

Dani & I! I wish!

May 23rd:

Well I have just done a massive addition to the web site. Added four more areas that you can see from the top navigation.

  • added a section for other's poetry
  • added a section to show off my awards and will, soon, have awards that I will give out
  • added an archive of news so that this page does not become a monster in length
  • added an area where you can read the legend and true history of Elizabeth Bathory

So please take your time and go through all the new stuff and let me know what you think.

BIG NEWS! I just received my ticket for Cradle of Filth!! Dani, you will be mine!

May 17th:

I have added two more banners that can be used to link to my site. You can grab them from the "A Murder of Ravens" page. Remember if you would like to have me link to your site, just go to the "Evocations" page and let me know. Include the URL of your site and URL of the banner image, if you have one.

My Dark God: Dani Filth!

May 15th:


Yep, they are playing here at the Engine Room, tickets through ticket masters. Oh my dark gods I am going to get to see Dani in person!!

Isn't he just "drop dead gorgeous"! This Dark Goddess is got her ticket and is going to do everything in her power to kidnap Dani and drag him back to my crypt! Then consummate, in un-natural acts, an unholy union that will shake the very foundations of Heaven and Hell.

Dani, you are so going to be mine! [evil grin]

Also added two more poems to the "Musings From The Left Side" along with new graphics to go with them.

I have also posted a new picture of myself in the "Dark Images". I was taken last year, at this time, and I just found it hiding in some files as I was cleaning out my system. So I posted it.

May 5th:

Cinco de Mayo Performance

Monday, May 5 - Latin singing sensation, David Lee Lopez will be performing at T-Town (on Richmond near Hillcroft) Tickets on sale at 9:00 pm for $10.00 Show starts at 9:30

David will performing the songs from his latest CD " Latin Lover". This is a "live" performance by David Lee Lopez and will be available for autograph signings after the show. Oh by the way, I am David's publicist, so come on out, tonight, and enjoy a great show of Salsa mixed with techno dance!

May 4th: UPDATE

I just found out what the dark value award is for! Here are ~Belos's own words on it:
"It is reserved only for you ladys that I feel demonstrate why gothic feminine beauty is, what it is...........damn wicked ;) I usually just give out the regular dark model one, I think I've given this out only to about 7 other Models so far........just a special/private thanks from me."

So I am now "officially "Damn Wicked", hmmm, I like the sound of that and, yes, I am tooting my own damn horn here!

May 4th:

Well it seems that my site has receive a couple of awards from ~Belos has awarded me the "Best Dark Model Award" and the site the "Dark Value Award". Not sure what exactly that one is for but I am grateful that he thought the site good enough for it. I guess this means you love me! You really, really love me!

The Dark Vaue Award for best content Best Dark Model Award from Belos

May 3rd:

Well I finally decided what to do with the "Of Dark Happenings" page. I created a Message Forum called "A Dark Gathering"! I invite you to join the new forum and post till your dark heart's content. I still have some more to do but it is 95% done and ready to go now. Feel free to make any suggestions of additional categories, boards, or features you would like to see and I will try to be accommodating. Just post them in the "Feedback" board.

I am also going through and changing the layout. I am tired of the marquee style, and yes I over used it, so it is going out. IN the next few days the pages will be laid out with them. So no more having to wait on the content. (I cannot believe I broke that rule, sheess!)

Also if you have any suggestions for this web site, please"Evoke Me" and let me know and I will consider them.


April 17th:

Added two more pictures to the Dark Images. One is a picture of me and one of my friends, Kristy. You know I love you girlfriend!

April 1st:

Well the site, and my email, are back up. We are now being hosted by Reed Web Graphics and through Harold's kindness and help we are up and running and doing better than before.

If you are in search for inexpensive web hosting with more options and support than you will ever get from any one else click on his link and check him out. I have and he is yummy. [evil grin] Tell him Theresa sent you and he will be able to fix you up with hosting, development, design, graphics, e-commerce, or what ever you may need.


March 29th:

Added a new picture to the gallery.

March 26th:

Added this for Monyque. I told you I would do it!

March 17th:

Ok, I have not updated in a couple of weeks due to the fact that I have been doing research for my business plan to open a new nightclub.

Part of that research included me going to the Texas School of Bartenders. Friday, March 14th, I graduated and I now have my TABC certification and diploma. Yeah me! I learned a lot in those classes. Information I wish I knew when working for Diamond Jimm's.

So now I am looking for work as a bartender while I write up the business plan. I have some investors lined up and now it is just gathering inventory information, pricing, running down all the different licenses and permits, and finding a location. Then I can start writing the financial projection and business model up.

Oh, and I added a new picture also, enjoy.


February 3rd:

I have said my last word on Diamond Jimm's, you can read here, it if you want. (site no longer up)

So now I am, once again, looking for another job.

I am an accomplished webmisstress and graphic artist with over 8 years experience in internet and publications.

I am also great at marketing and advertising. Hey If I can bring a night club from bankruptcy to starting to show a profit and keep it open four more months, and all on a budget of "$0s" with only "guerilla" marketing. Then you know I have to have some snap.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to stave off the creditors, but hey I am proud that I was able to keep it open four months longer than it would have.

So I proved I can manage and/or market a night club.

So if you have need of someone of my talents and abilities, or would like to know more, contact me. I am looking for work, NOW!


Jan 15th:

I have added another poem in my "musings" and I will be adding more and some more pics soon.