Art Work & Misc. Projects

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I am supposed to write here my philosophy, or some such nonsense, about my art so here it is . . . Art is to be enjoyed. Yep thats its. If is inspires, great. If it makes you feel something, wonderful. Best of all is if it puts money in my pocket. I am not one that cares for the pomp and attitude that seems to run in art circles. I create what I like, for myself, and if other like it wonderful. When I am doing work for a client, then that shifts to what makes my client happy because it is HIS or HER art and I am just the means for them to create what they envision. So to me anything else is usually just pretentious crap that people use to fluff themselves up.


This was my final project Video Production Class 1

This was an exercise in my Video Production Class 1

Bathory PS

This image is just a montage that I would use in the below video

This was an After Effects project for my Tools in Digital Media class

Photoshop excersie

This was done in Photoshop replacing the face with my own and color correcting

Photoshop example

An original work done in Photoshop

Illustrator example 1 Illustrator example 2

Work done in Illustrator

Illustrator example 3 Illustrator example 4

More work done in Illustrator