Four Steps to Successful Design - Part 2


This is more than your hyperlinks. This is the flow of content through your architecture and its' ease of accessibility to your customer. (Starting to see how each of these builds on the other?)

A customer that is frustrated from not being able to easily access content through your site will leave! Navigating through your web site should be intuitive and logical Everyone has seen beautifully created sites that are a nightmare to find anything on. What may be artistically "neat" can drive customers away from your business. Processes should "flow" naturally to your customer and be quick and consistent.


Besides the issues of purely keeping the site up, this is the "loop-back" that will insure your site can easily grow and not become a huge "pain-in-the-ass" to update and expand.

What this means is that after the first three elements are defined it is measured against the Maintenance. How will content be updated and added? Can new features and programs be easily added and implemented? Will the Architecture support the growth? Will the Navigation flow be disrupted? How much time and effort will it take to maintain and update the site and will it be reliable? What are the coding practices to be used for ease of transfer of "ownership" so that those that are responsible for the upkeep of the site can easily understand "what is going on"? Even the question of "who" will be responsible for the site and the level of expertise that is needed must be addressed.

These are just a few of the questions that must be answered unless you really wish to have to redesign your site, and pay for a new design, every time you wish to add something new.


These four elements are the foundation of good design. Before the discussion of color, layout, graphics, or anything else, time and discussion must be given to these and a solid understanding of them must be in place. Without such, the web site becomes a mess of patched-worked fixes, disgruntled customers, and in the end you lose money!

When these are understood and implemented, then the web site becomes a tool that advertises your business, provides useful information to your customers, and most importantly generates income!

This process came from many years of experience in web and graphic design. They have been tried, tested, and proven successfully over and over again in my career. I can do the same for your business. Whether it is a web site, brochure, magazine or newspaper advertisement, or just about any other project where design is needed. I would be more than happy to discuss what I can do for you and your next project. I can be contacted through my contact page. Thank you.


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