Musings from the Left Side

Short Stories & Poetry


Proudly standing overlooking parapet’s walls
Summer’s breeze dancing fragrant though her hair
Eyes that have seen too much steadily gaze
Over forests black and full of despair

What do you search for
Is there any more
Why is your heart at war
Will it bring one you adore

Defiant against the coming storm
The crows of battle spoil’s circle overhead
Broken banners and blood color a tapestry
O’re a field of shattered steel and dead

Soon enough to be reclaimed by blackened weeds
And flowering thorns sickly sweet
Decaying to memory’s glory songs
As the forest and crows consume the bone and meat

For whom do you search for
Gazing out over the gore
If your heart screams and implores
Will it bring one you adore

Concerned not with havoc’s wreck below
No, tis farther her gaze does pierce
Stony ivory with no remorse a dark visage
Lightning reflecting in eyes cold and fierce

Nor with castle’s stone, dark and dank
No tear shall stain her cheek for what has been
Battle’s hell lies not below nor walls do keep
The carnage a mere reflection of her soul, within

Nothing left to search for
Seen only as a whore
Heart broken in amor
She shall never be adored


Composite of me and a image by Brom