Musings from the Left Side

Short Stories & Poetry


Reaching into the abyss
I find only heat and sweat
I’ve nothing left to give
And nothing’s better yet

Wound tight around a cross
My words do falter, fall
As I reach back into my mind
And seem to forget them all

Wonder how such little things
Do trip as time goes by
How melodies disappear
How everything unwinds

Where is the joy of folly’s youth
When all was bright and new
Days spent in relentless pursuit
Of spring and summer’s June

When gray is all there is
Empty now and days are fallow
Emotions come to surface like
Bodies rotting in graves too shallow

If only hearts were brave against
A society that is not
Oh what passion we could have made
What fire we could have wrought

But choices made sealed our fate
The worm spoke and was given ear
All that could have been is shattered
All given in to fear

T’is nothing more than another love,
Another choice, another moment lost
Because I could find no voice
We feared what it would cost

To speak the things my heart would say
And open wide my soul
To cry out the Song of Songs
And now it takes it toll

And I shall never feel your hand
As it softly strokes my face
For it is to another
That you have now to give that grace

And now, my love, you are lying there
Emaciated and barely drawing breath
Your body has betrayed you
I see you fighting death

And in this pain and agony
It is for another’s hand you reach
I see the way you look at her
Your love of her I vicariously leach

Oh, you shall not go from us
In health you will rise from that bed
For I have silently traded hope of love and a life with you
They are now all.......... dead


Composite of Me and an image by Brom