Musings from the Left Side

Short Stories & Poetry

Symphony in Menses

On summer's eve a pale surrender
As sun's light ebbs and hides
In dark Menses colors
Across the sky

Gardenias thick and sweet
And honey suckle fail
Through their odorous rhapsodies
To hide the sent of blood from one so pale

Within a hunger that burns
With iridescent fire
Draws me, claws me in it's foreplay
Of danger dark and dire

To leave my earthen sleep
And walk among the innocent sheep
A lycanthropous wolf in guise of maid
Whose kiss brings ecstasy and draws the shades

For time is a drum`s rhythm
Measured by corpus beat
Encased in a mortal housing of
Flesh and bone and meat

Savoring the tempo of the
Symphony in erotic ballet
When your orchestra in erotic bindings
I hold as we lay

And when the final note
Has come to hang in the air
Its silent crescendo will be echoed
In the eyes of lifeless stare

I shall hold the shell that was you
In a lover's soft embrace
Weeping softly red tears
Savoring you to the last taste


Purgatory by Brom coloration by me