Ravings of the Mad

Beauty slept and angels wept
For Her immortal soul
In this response, all evil chose
To claim her for their very own

Ravings Of Others

These are the writings of other's poetry and short stories, and lyrics that I love.

Short Stories & Poetry

If you would like to submit your work for publishing, on my web site, just go to the "Evocations" page and send it to me.

If I think your writing is appropriate, I will post it. You will still retain all copyrights to your work.

Make sure you include your name. email, and web site (if you have one.) Also it would be nice if you included an image URL to go along with the picture. If you do not have a URL for your image, let me know and I will send you my email address so that you can send your image to me.

I reserve the right to modify any pictures submitted and the modified image will become my property, but only if I get your approval of the modifications. If I do not get your approval, I will delete the image you sent and agree not to ever use the modified image.

Me smokeing and blowing...smoke rings